BrainShare sessions vary from technical labs to big-picture discussions that will help you plan for the future. No matter what you need to learn, you’ll find plenty to fill your schedule at BrainShare 2014.

We are currently working on a complete list of sessions. Until we have a complete listing of what will be offered please review the below list of BrainShare 2013 sessions that were presented.

Novell Sessions

The Novell Filr End User Experience Your users keep demanding mobile file access and sharing. Now you can give them what they want with Novell® Filr. Want to know exactly what your users get with Filr? This session uses live demos of Filr clients to demonstrate what your end users will experience. We'll show you the capabilities your users will gain and the different ways they can use Filr, like through the Windows desktop client, web access, the app for iOS and Andriod, and more.

Mobile Printing in the Enterprise Printing still happens, and today's mobile workforce wants to do that printing from anywhere, at any time. Come and learn about new Novell® iPrint solutions for your mobile workforce. See how easy it is to add support for your Apple and Android devices on your network, while using and expanding your existing iPrint environment. We'll perform demonstrations and offer plenty of time for you to ask questions about enterprise printing for mobile devices.

Embracing BYOD/C in the Enterprise with ZENworks Mobile Management It's more than just a buzzword. More than ever, employees are using their personally-owned devices and computers to get work done at home, on the road and even in the office. And for good reason--employees report being more productive and satisfied when they can work on their own devices. However, IT departments and CIOs report being more concerned about security threats and the increased management burden these devices often bring. Attend this session to learn how, with the right tools and policies, your organization can start down the path to embracing BYOD/C. You'll also walk away with prudent steps you can take to balance productivity with security while minimizing IT burden.

Novell GroupWise Windermere Deep Dive As the next major release of Novell® GroupWise®, Windermere is well on its way to providing administrators with some much-needed love. Attend this session to take a deep dive into what's coming on the web administration front, how you can replace ConsoleOne as your administration tool, how to connect GroupWise to Active Directory, and much more. You'll also learn about the new capabilities we're adding to the clients and WebAccess to keep your end users happy and productive. If you're a GroupWise administrator, this session will give you a demo-based look at what's around the very next corner.

Selling Your Boss on Novell Technologies Got a boss who isn't sold on Novell? A new leader or influencer in your organization who wants to go to back to the products they know? Wondering whether other vendors' claims are credible or overblown? If any of these statements describes you, come to this session for essential information and advice. You'll learn how Novell products stack up against the competition, what the true costs of migrating really look like, and how to show your leadership the benefits Novell delivers to your organization every day. If you're a fan of Novell Open Enterprise Server, Novell GroupWise, Novell Vibe or Novell ZENworks and want to ensure that they remain a part of your infrastructure, this session will arm you with the facts.

NetIQ Sessions

Are Insiders Your Biggest Threat? Decrease the Risk from Privileged Users and Privileged Access More Easily Most breaches come from insiders with access. As organizations begin to take advantage of cloud, consumerization, mobility and BYOD, the need to reduce the risk from privileged users is greater than ever. Learn how to minimize the risk from privileged access and more easily meet your compliance and audit goals. See how NetIQ can address these problems using technologies you probably already own.

Social Identity, and BYOD Mobility are Changing the Way Your Business Thinks About Accessing Systems and Cloud Services – What Can You Do to Be Ready? In this session, learn how IT organizations can respond and enable your business users as they consume more cloud resources, access information with mobile BYOD, and personalize their interactions with their customers. We will review the nuances of these fast moving identity and access management trends as they relate to cloud, mobile, and social identity, demonstrate what you can do today, as well as what you should be planning for in the future.

Security Services from the CloudNetIQ Cloud Security Services is a series of product offerings designed with multi-tenant management and per-tenant usage based billing. Novell Cloud Security Services fits comfortably in a public cloud and has the ability to support a mix of cloud and enterprise deployment schemes. During this session you will see the latest service offerings, review deployment scenarios and have the opportunity to hear Cloud Service Provider experiences.

What's New in NetIQ SecureLogin 8As regulations increase and concerns about simple but secure authentication continue to rise, the need for NetIQ® SecureLogin to integrate with more applications, platforms, and devices is greater than ever before. Come see where NetIQ SecureLogin 8 is heading to provide single sign-on and security to more environments than ever before.

Cloud Manager in Action: A Guided Tour of Working CloudsEnsure Your Services and Systems in the Cloud are Available, Fast and Easy for Your UsersLearn how to more easily manage service compliance in private or public clouds by monitoring the performance of cloud services to help ensure they meet your needs, and your users’ expectations.

NetIQ Access Governance Suite – Working with Roles and EntitlementsOne of the key benefits of NetIQ Access Governance Suite is to devolve access reviews to the business. In order to do this, the business needs to understand the meaning of each entitlement in the context of the business. For example an entitlement showing membership of an Active Directory group is usually meaningless, whereas a business role, such as “Legal Secretary” with the same entitlement assigned can be easily understood. Once defined, roles can be used in access reviews, in place of one or more entitlements, to ensure the business correctly understands the level of access. In this session, delegates will learn how to work with the various types of roles to translate IT terminology into language that can be easily understood by the business, with the aim of increasing acceptance of the access review process by the business and laying the foundation for devolving access life cycle to the business.

Evolving Your Identity Manager Solution Beyond Synchronization to Include Roles Based Provisioning Using Identity Manager 4When first introduced to the Roles-Based Provisioning Module, the new concepts of roles and resources as well as how they relate to entitlements can be confusing. This case study will explain the purposes of each, describe how to use them to your benefit, and describe the challenges and solutions enabling clients who use Identity Manager in a synchronization only or custom entitlement paradigm to move to the standardized role-resource-entitlement model. Last year, CIS was engaged with a mature and advanced Identity Manager customer who had developed their own equivalent solution to entitlements using a combination of schema extensions, group memberships, roles and policies. The proprietary solution was functional; however it could not easily take advantage of new Identity Manager components such as the Role Mapping Administrator, nor would it directly leverage out-of-the-box integrations like those provided by the NetIQ® Access Governance Suite. CIS embarked on a program with this customer to evolve the Identity Manager solution, maintaining continuity with the existing hand-built entitlements while re-implementing the integrations using the current Roles-Based Provisioning Module entitlements. This solution enabled a smooth migration to a new solution, leveraged off-the-shelf integrations and positioned the customer for more rapid and smooth future integrations.

Identity Manager 101: Deploying the Active Directory driver and the eDirectory DriverIn this session, we will cover the development and deployment of the Active Directory driver in Identity Manager 4. The topics discussed will include deployment strategies, design decisions, and pitfalls. We will also perform a walk-through of the installation and a demonstration of the driver. Additionally, we will cover the development and deployment of both the bi-directional and traditional eDirectoryTM driver in Identity Manager 4.02.

Sponsor Sessions


SUSE Linux Enterprise: Technology Roadmap Get a comprehensive overview of the SUSE® Linux Enterprise family, including its latest technology roadmap, upcoming products and service packs. Learn about delivered and planned capabilities, and solutions for mission-critical computing, UNIX to Linux migration and building out your virtualized data center infrastructure.

SUSE Cloud in 2013 SUSE Cloud 1.0 is here, but the next releases are already in progress. Learn about the direction of the upstream OpenStack and Crowbar community projects, as well as our plans for integrating products such as SUSE Studio™ and SUSE Manager with upcoming releases of SUSE Cloud.

Troubleshooting Critical Linux Issues: Performance and CrashesThis course would cover the use of fundamental troubleshooting tools to track down and resolve performance issues and kernel crashes.

Virtualization with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: Capabilities, Best Practices and Guidelines Included in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 is commercial support for Xen, KVM and Linux Containers. Which solutions are best suited for which circumstances? Learn about key features, management tools, and integration with other SUSE Linux Enterprise products. Review guidelines and configurations to use for various workloads, and identify proven best practices to assist you in refining your virtualization solutions.

SUSE Manager Workshop SUSE Manager is an open source solution for centralized provisioning and configuration of systems running SUSE Linux Enterprise and other enterprise Linux distributions. It offers the provisioning of new bare-metal and virtual systems, as well as quick deployment and life-cycle management. Systems can be supervised and software deployed in a controlled manner. This technical session demonstrates the provisioning, administration and implementation in your daily business as well as the integration of SUSE Manager into existing landscapes.

ATT Technical Sessions, Certification and Practicum Testing

Advanced Technical Training (ATT) comprehensively addresses a wide range of advanced topics including support issues, in-depth architectural overviews and enterprise-wide solutions. Delivered at a highly technical level these classes are designed to give you real-world expertise you can put to immediate use. With hands-on labs, engineer-to-engineer instruction, and a troubleshooting emphasis, you will quickly increase your deep product knowledge so you can get more from the products you rely on to run your business.

Certification and Practicum Testing lets you enhance your career opportunities with globally-recognized certifications. Earn certifications in our products and technologies or prove your practical skills to current and future employers through our practicum testing.


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