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NetIQ 2014 Sessions
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AppManager 101A look at the AppManager® portfolio, including the operating systems and applications monitored, as well as the other offerings such as Advanced Analytics, agentless vs. agent-based monitoring Analysis Center, and more.

When Tinfoil Hats Aren't Enough: Disrupting Cyber ThreatsEvery enterprise owns a grab-bag of security products these days, each of which promises to make you totally secure. But this collection of products quickly becomes a problem in and of itself: recent attacks against the likes of Target and Nieman-Marcus set off plenty of alarms, but they were lost in the noise and the victims failed to take appropriate action. How can you properly extract the signal from the noise and make sure you're responding to the right threats, the ones that might actually cause you damage?

This session will discuss leveraging various kinds of context to help you better detect, prioritize and disrupt the threats you see in your enterprise environment.

Customer Experience: PlateSpin Forge Disaster RecoveryTom Lockhart from Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Health Unit will talk about the dissaster recovery-related challenges his organization faced, why his old solution was ineffective, and why he chose PlateSpin Forge®. He will go on to discuss the PlateSpin Forge customer experience: setting up the appliance, configuring it for replications, the ongoing management, and the all-important testing. And of course Tom will cover the most important part of disaster recovery: experiencing an unplanned outage and actually having to fail-over and fail-back.

Playing Well with Others: Monitoring GroupWise, SLES®, Sentinel®, and IDM with AppManagerThis session will explore how NetIQ AppManager can be used to monitor other NetIQ, SUSE and Novell products to improve performance and availability.

Managing Entropy, the Primary Cause of Operational and Security Risk: File Integrity & Change MonitoringChange, whether well intentioned or malicious, is at the root of many operational and security incidents. Proactive monitoring of change activity enables the security or operations analyst to recognize leading indicators of an issue or breach, detect a breach in progress, and speed root cause analysis to address defense against future incidents.

This session will review how the policy based monitoring of NetIQ Change Guardian can give Security and Operational analysts the focused insights you need.

Mass Migration and Datacenter Transformation SolutionsThis session starts by explaining what typical data center transformation projects look like, and discusses the common challenges of migrating large numbers of server workloads. We will then dig deep into the specific project planning required for such large-scale transformations, and show how NetIQ's PlateSpin® product portfolio helps both Service Provide and Enterprise customers more efficiently plan and execute large data center transformation.

Best Practices for Security Monitoring in Highly Distributed EnvironmentsCurrent enterprise environments are often large and highly distributed. In many cases, enterprise environments are global with stakeholders and data centers across multiple continents and jurisdictions. Planning your security monitoring deployment to deal with political, organizational, and network connectivity concerns can be more of a challenge than simply the size of the enterprise.

This session will review how NetIQ Sentinel can be deployed to address these challenges with highlights from existing deployments. One is a manufacturing organization with global operations. The other is a retail organization with over 8,000 remote sites and growing.

Intro to Workload Migration and Server ConsolidationIn this session we start by briefly touching on the basic server consolidation, data center migration, and transformation needs, to set the stage. We then dive into the specific solutions that NetIQ has to offer, followed by a "What's new in 2014" for PlateSpin Migrate 11.1 and PlateSpin Recon 4.1. We then focus on the most interesting new features in PlateSpin Migrate 11.1, which are the Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 integration, and the latest enhancements for mass migrations. We finish the session with a high-level road map overview of PlateSpin Recon and PlateSpin Migrate, including the planned "to the cloud" migrations.

Integration / Visualization of the Information in your IT EnvironmentWe will look at how NetIQ Operation Center can take a variety of data sources and bring the data together. You can then display the information on a web-based dashboard that is unique to your environment, and share with multiple users, including your partners and customers.

All the Things You Wanted to Know How to Do With NetIQ Sentinel but Were Afraid to AskLearn from NetIQ Sentinel product experts how to customize reports, add customer collectors, write the perfect correlation rule and much more. This session will walk through how to get the most out of your Sentinel investment.

Introducing the new PlateSpin Forge 700 Disaster Recovery ApplianceWhether you're a small-to-mid-sized organization or a large enterprise, tolerance for downtime is at an all-time low. That's why NetIQ introduced the new PlateSpin Forge 700 Series appliances. Launched in 2008, PlateSpin Forge is the world's first disaster recovery appliance, capable of protecting both physical and virtual server workloads using embedded virtualization technology.

Building on years of innovation and experience, the newest appliances add powerful new specifications and support for server workloads on the latest operating systems, physical servers, virtualization platforms.

Learn how PlateSPin Forge all-in-one disaster recovery appliances can help you lower recovery point objectives and accelerate recovery times, with mirroring-like performance at a tape-backup price point.

What's New with NetIQ AppManager (and What's Coming Next)?In this session we will show AppManager customers some of the latest features that have been released, as well as a peak at the roadmap to see what's coming up on the horizon.

AppManager in the Real World: A Real-Life Customer ImplementationThis session will walk through examples of how several real customers use NetIQ AppManager to monitor their entire enterprises, including systems, applications, and even devices that don't have out-of-the-box modules built for them.

Enterprise Security When Lives as Well as Wallets are at Stake: Beyond Compliance in an IoT WorldCloud, BYOD, Social and IoT are rapidly changing IT delivery models, the threat environment, and the way we interact with information and systems. Two areas where these changes are intensely felt is in healthcare and critical infrastructure. In both areas, poor security can not only have a financial impact on organizations and individuals, but can also lead to severe injury or loss of life. In this session we will explore the impacts of these larger trends, what government agencies are doing to address the risks, and what you can and should do to better safeguard your environment.

We Just Can't Be Sure Who to Trust Anymore: A CERT Lifecycle Approach to Addressing Insider Threat RiskAlmost daily there are new examples of highly public data breaches. While this includes attacks from both insider and external attackers, an insider is always active in the attack or inadvertently the cause of the foundational vulnerabilities. With the definition of an insider growing to include contractors, partners, customers and even competitors, how do you define a program to address the insider threat risk?

Gaining Security Insight in a Big Data WorldDelivering next generation security monitoring by combining the strengths of SIEM today with the promise of Big Data analytics.

NetIQ Security Monitoring Vision and DirectionReducing the cost and complexity of insider and external attack detection though insight.

Addressing Risk in an IoT world with NetIQ and Cisco Identity Powered Security The complexity of network environments has driven the need for increased granularity in security visibility, network analysis, and compliance assessment. With the advent of IoT, BYOD policies, and SaaS, it is no longer sufficient to analyze network activity solely with a broad identifier like an IP address. Today's diverse networks require effective security event visibility and integration with accurate contextual data such as user identity, user privilege levels, endpoint device type, and endpoint security posture to provide a meaningful picture of network events and their significance.

The Cisco® Identity Services Engine (ISE) integrates with the NetIQ Sentinel security event management platform to deliver in-depth security event analysis supplemented with relevant identity and device context. This integration provides network and security analysts the context they need to quickly assess the significance of security events by being able to answer questions like "who is this event associated with and what level of access do they have on the network" and "what type of device is it coming from."

Providing ISE user and device context to the NetIQ Sentinel platform enables a new range of security monitoring capabilities enabling IT organizations to increase the speed of security threat detection and simplifies threat response.

Disaster Recovery and Workload Migration for Novell OESThis session explores how you can protect, migrate, and manage your Novell Open Enterprise Server workloads with NetIQ solutions. You'll learn how you can virtualize OES workloads, and move or copy them between physical servers and virtual hosts with PlateSpin Migrate. We'll show you how to to improve your disaster recovery capabilities, with lower RTO, RPO, and costs, using PlateSpin Protect and PlateSpin Forge. And you'll see how to use PlateSpin Recon to collect and analyze the data you need to plan the most efficient use of your data center resources.

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