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NetIQ 2014 Sessions
Sneak Peek

Vodacom: An Identity-Powered BusinessVodacom is Africa's leading mobile and communications company providing a wide range of services, including mobile voice, messaging, data and converged services to over 57.5 Million customers, and is part of the Vodafone Group, with revenues in excess of $65 Billion.

Vodacom is investing to be the Best, with strategies to develop new services, make the business more efficient, and deliver the best possible customer experience. Understanding the customer, being responsive and easy to do business with, whilst securing their identity information and putting in place the necessary access controls and governance, is fundamental to Vodacom's business success. Learn how Vodacom is leveraging NetIQ technology to secure 57.5 million client SIM card data, improve efficiencies with the automation of provisioning and de-provisioning system access and regulatory compliance.

Data Governance and the Requirement for Access Review
Open any newspaper or news website, and the chances are that you will find a report on someone’s right to personal privacy being infringed, or yet another intrusion through an organization’s security systems with credit card or other financial information being stolen. The requirement for a Data Protection law to safeguard the rights of Individuals and juristic personas is undeniable. Clearly understanding access is the key to Governance. You must implement controls ensuring that the access is correctly assigned and monitored. Access and Identity Governance can help you determine the level of access your employees, partners, and suppliers should have to data resources; the access those users currently do have; and how to logically and efficiently align those two states.

The New Problem organizations face are:

Privileged Identity Management - Who's Watching the Experts?Who are your privileged users - admin, root, AD admins, application owners, etc. What tools are available to help you monitor privileged users and comply with risk and audit standards? - added from another session: Do you want to control who gets administrative access to your critical systems, but don't know where to start ? Are you worried that you would fail your audit as you can't prove who did what and when in your database servers ? This session would help you in defining your privileged account management strategy. The session introduce various approaches you should consider while rolling out a privileged account management project and defines the bare minimum things you should do for a successful rollout.

The Future of Provisioning Google Apps with IDMNetIQ is pleased to release a new version of the Google Apps Driver for Identity Manager. This is a complete rebuild of the driver, with a design focus on supporting the next generation of Google APIs in the Admin SDK and Directory API set. As part of this re-architecture, the driver will authenticate using OAuth2, the authorization standard being consumed by all Google’s APIs. This will enable the driver to have broader access to Google Admin and Directory services, including the Groups Settings API.

This session will provide an overview of the kinds of data it can synchronize with IDM as well as providing an example of the user experience in terms of synchronizing and managing identities in Google domains using IDM. The session will then provide a deeper technical exploration of the driver and policies and how they interact with Google services.

An Identity and Access Management Journey with EskomThe journey of an enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementation starts with the business requirements and ends with the value experienced by the business. Technology should not play central stage because IT alone will not bring about the necessary change that will realize the value to business.

Eskom chose NetIQ as its technology partner to implement IAM. What did we have to do in order to make the project a success? What was our approach to address the People and Process aspects of IAM? This presentation will leave attendees more informed about the challenges to address when implementing enterprise IAM.

Delivering Identity-as-a-Service offeringsNetIQ provides an Identity Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) platform that allows service providers to deliver multi-tenant identity-driven service offerings that leverage NetIQ’s market leading identity and security products. NetIQ’s IDaaS platform provides multi-tenant management, per-tenant usage-based licensing, and audit reporting. NetIQ provides multiple identity-driven service offerings on top of the IDaaS platform including Identity Access Management and Identity Account Management. This session details how service providers will deliver identity-driven service offerings using the NetIQ IDaaS platform and will describe in detail the capabilities of the Identity Access Management and Identity Account Management offerings.

Extending Access Management to BYOD UsersMobileAccess isn't just for cloud applications. If you currently have web based applications managed by Access Manager you can extend the ones you want to your mobile devices with minimal effort. Bob Bentley and Matthew Ehle show how Attachmate Group leveraged their existing infrastructure to deliver secured applications to their mobile users. They will discuss the advantages of their approach as well as how they see their mobile solutions expanding in the future.

Few organizations run their business completely on cloud-based applications because frequently there are set of core business that aren't going anywhere. Come see how to deliver seamless application access to your mobile users.

Risk-based or Adaptive Authentication - What is it and how can I get it?The most recent regulatory mandates are leading many organizations to strengthen their authentication capabilities which typically results the use of multi-factor techniques. In this session, learn how NetIQ's Access Manager can be used to strengthen access to private information through strong authentication methods while maintaining the right level of convenience to the users.

Think you can't get rid of passwords; think againAlthough passwords are designed to protect against unauthorized access, the reality is that they have been behind every major breach this year. Why not eliminate them? This session demonstrates that passwords are not as difficult to eliminate as you think.

When Tinfoil Hats Aren't Enough: Disrupting Cyber ThreatsEvery enterprise owns a grab-bag of security products these days, each of which promises to make you totally secure. But this collection of products quickly becomes a problem in and of itself: recent attacks against the likes of Target and Nieman-Marcus set off plenty of alarms, but they were lost in the noise and the victims failed to take appropriate action. How can you properly extract the signal from the noise and make sure you're responding to the right threats, the ones that might actually cause you damage?

This session will discuss leveraging various kinds of context to help you better detect, prioritize and disrupt the threats you see in your enterprise environment. As part of NetIQ's Identity-powered Security approach, we'll show you how identity and other kinds of context can make your threat response more accurate, efficient, and faster.

Managing Entropy, the Primary Cause of Operational and Security Risk: File Integrity & Change MonitoringChange, whether well intentioned or malicious, is at the root of many operational and security incidents. Proactive monitoring of change activity enables the security or operations analyst to recognize leading indicators of an issue or breach, detect a breach in progress, and speed root cause analysis to address defense against future incidents.

This session will review how the policy based monitoring of NetIQ Change Guardian can give Security and Operational analysts the focused insights you need.

Addressing Risk in an IoT World with NetIQ and Cisco Identity Powered SecurityThe complexity of network environments has driven the need for increased granularity in security visibility, network analysis, and compliance assessment. With the advent of IoT, BYOD policies, and SaaS, it is no longer sufficient to analyze network activity solely with a broad identifier like an IP address. Today’s diverse networks require effective security event visibility and integration with accurate contextual data such as user identity, user privilege levels, endpoint device type, and endpoint security posture to provide a meaningful picture of network events and their significance.

The Cisco® Identity Services Engine (ISE) integrates with the NetIQ Sentinel security event management platform to deliver in-depth security event analysis supplemented with relevant identity and device context. This integration provides network and security analysts the context they need to quickly assess the significance of security events by being able to answer questions like “who is this event associated with and what level of access do they have on the network” and “what type of device is it coming from.”

Providing ISE user and device context to the NetIQ Sentinel platform enables a new range of security monitoring capabilities enabling IT organizations to increase the speed of security threat detection and simplifies threat response.

Customer Experience: PlateSpin Forge Disaster RecoveryTom Lockhart from Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Health Unit will talk about the disaster recovery-related challenges his organization faced, why his old solution was ineffective, and why he chose PlateSpin Forge. He will go on to discuss the PlateSpin Forge customer experience: setting up the appliance, configuring it for replications, the ongoing management, and the all-important testing. And of course Tom will cover the most important part of disaster recovery: experiencing an unplanned outage and actually having to fail-over and fail-back.

AppManager in the Real World: A Real-Life Customer ImplementationThis session will walk through examples of how several real customers use NetIQ AppManager to monitor their entire enterprises, including systems, applications, and even devices that don't have out-of-the-box modules built for them.

Introducing the new PlateSpin Forge 700 Disaster Recovery ApplianceWhether you're a small-to-mid-sized organization or a large enterprise, tolerance for downtime is at an all-time low. That's why NetIQ introduced the new PlateSpin Forge 700 Series appliances. Launched in 2008, PlateSpin Forge is the world's first disaster recovery appliance, capable of protecting both physical and virtual server workloads using embedded virtualization technology.

Building on years of innovation and experience, the newest appliances add powerful new specifications and support for server workloads on the latest operating systems, physical servers, virtualization platforms. Learn how PlateSpin Forge all-in-one disaster recovery appliances can help you lower recovery point objectives and accelerate recovery times, with mirroring-like performance at a tape-backup price point.

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