NetIQ® is a global, enterprise software company with a portfolio that includes solutions for Identity, Security, Access, Governance, Systems and Application, Service, and Workload Management.

Sample Sessions

Here is a representative sampling of the sessions focused on NetIQ technologies at BrainShare 2013. A complete list of NetIQ sessions is now available in the Session Catalog.

Are Insiders Your Biggest Threat? Decrease the Risk from Privileged Users and Privileged Access More Easily Most breaches come from insiders with access. As organizations begin to take advantage of cloud, consumerization, mobility and BYOD, the need to reduce the risk from privileged users is greater than ever. Learn how to minimize the risk from privileged access and more easily meet your compliance and audit goals. See how NetIQ can address these problems using technologies you probably already own.

Social Identity, and BYOD Mobility are Changing the Way Your Business Thinks About Accessing Systems and Cloud Services – What Can You Do to Be Ready? In this session, learn how IT organizations can respond and enable your business users as they consume more cloud resources, access information with mobile BYOD, and personalize their interactions with their customers. We will review the nuances of these fast moving identity and access management trends as they relate to cloud, mobile, and social identity, demonstrate what you can do today, as well as what you should be planning for in the future.

Security Services from the CloudNetIQ Cloud Security Services is a series of product offerings designed with multi-tenant management and per-tenant usage based billing. Novell Cloud Security Services fits comfortably in a public cloud and has the ability to support a mix of cloud and enterprise deployment schemes. During this session you will see the latest service offerings, review deployment scenarios and have the opportunity to hear Cloud Service Provider experiences.

What's New in NetIQ SecureLogin 8As regulations increase and concerns about simple but secure authentication continue to rise, the need for NetIQ® SecureLogin to integrate with more applications, platforms, and devices is greater than ever before. Come see where NetIQ SecureLogin 8 is heading to provide single sign-on and security to more environments than ever before.

Cloud Manager in Action: A Guided Tour of Working CloudsEnsure Your Services and Systems in the Cloud are Available, Fast and Easy for Your UsersLearn how to more easily manage service compliance in private or public clouds by monitoring the performance of cloud services to help ensure they meet your needs, and your users’ expectations.

NetIQ Access Governance Suite – Working with Roles and EntitlementsOne of the key benefits of NetIQ Access Governance Suite is to devolve access reviews to the business. In order to do this, the business needs to understand the meaning of each entitlement in the context of the business. For example an entitlement showing membership of an Active Directory group is usually meaningless, whereas a business role, such as “Legal Secretary” with the same entitlement assigned can be easily understood. Once defined, roles can be used in access reviews, in place of one or more entitlements, to ensure the business correctly understands the level of access. In this session, delegates will learn how to work with the various types of roles to translate IT terminology into language that can be easily understood by the business, with the aim of increasing acceptance of the access review process by the business and laying the foundation for devolving access life cycle to the business.

Evolving Your Identity Manager Solution Beyond Synchronization to Include Roles Based Provisioning Using Identity Manager 4When first introduced to the Roles-Based Provisioning Module, the new concepts of roles and resources as well as how they relate to entitlements can be confusing. This case study will explain the purposes of each, describe how to use them to your benefit, and describe the challenges and solutions enabling clients who use Identity Manager in a synchronization only or custom entitlement paradigm to move to the standardized role-resource-entitlement model. Last year, CIS was engaged with a mature and advanced Identity Manager customer who had developed their own equivalent solution to entitlements using a combination of schema extensions, group memberships, roles and policies. The proprietary solution was functional; however it could not easily take advantage of new Identity Manager components such as the Role Mapping Administrator, nor would it directly leverage out-of-the-box integrations like those provided by the NetIQ® Access Governance Suite. CIS embarked on a program with this customer to evolve the Identity Manager solution, maintaining continuity with the existing hand-built entitlements while re-implementing the integrations using the current Roles-Based Provisioning Module entitlements. This solution enabled a smooth migration to a new solution, leveraged off-the-shelf integrations and positioned the customer for more rapid and smooth future integrations.

Identity Manager 101: Deploying the Active Directory driver and the eDirectory DriverIn this session, we will cover the development and deployment of the Active Directory driver in Identity Manager 4. The topics discussed will include deployment strategies, design decisions, and pitfalls. We will also perform a walk-through of the installation and a demonstration of the driver. Additionally, we will cover the development and deployment of both the bi-directional and traditional eDirectoryTM driver in Identity Manager 4.02.


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