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Join us in Salt Lake City
November 2-5, 2014

The modern IT world is a complex place, and no one company has all the answers. That's why you should come to BrainShare 2014. At BrainShare, you'll find demos, technical sessions and training on the products and services from Novell, NetIQ, Attachmate and others. Learn from engineers and developers, exhibit your own best ideas and share with the finest brains in IT. For challenges of the real world, you need real solutions. Find them at BrainShare 2014.

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the Best

Jay Gardner

Jay Gardner, NetIQ President and General Manager

At NetIQ®, our focus is to help you deliver IT services at the speed that your business requires in order to capitalize on emerging market opportunities. Reducing risk, managing complexity, and thriving in a sea of change are constant challenges given today's dynamic business demands. At BrainShare 2014, you'll experience the latest solutions, engage in dialogue on today's latest IT trends, and benefit from the in-depth experience of your peers and industry experts that can help you address these challenges.

Kathleen Owens

Kathleen Owens, President and General Manager, Attachmate and Novell

We continue with our aim to deliver value to you, our customers, through top-quality products that make managing your IT environment simpler. This year, Attachmate and Novell will be demonstrating products dedicated to aiding you in your drive to increase productivity across your organization. Come see how we've been innovating with products like Attachmate® Verastream®, Attachmate Reflection®, Novell® Filr, Novell iPrint and more. At BrainShare 2014 you'll get a closer look at all our exciting plans and products.


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