Advanced Technical Training (ATT) addresses a wide range of advanced topics including support issues, in-depth architectural overviews and enterprise-wide solutions, all delivered at a highly technical level. A complete list of sponsor sessions is now available in the Session Catalog. Below is a sampling of the ATT sessions you will find in the catalog.

Novell Sessions

ZENworks Mobile Management Administration

Come learn about the newest addition to the ZENworks product Line, ZENworks Mobile Mangement. In this course, students are introduced to the fundamental skills of configuring ZENworks Mobile Management and how to enroll and manage supported mobile devices. Students also learn how to create corporate mobile applications, how to create shared files, and how to create policy suites to manage Mobile Devices.

Novell Filr: The Drop Box for Open Enterprise Server 11

Novell® Filr provides the ease of modern cloud-based file hosting services like Dropbox with enterprise security. See this new technology up close, learn about the other ways it can benefit your organization and get some hands on experience with the product's features.

NetIQ Sessions

NetIQ Access Governance Integration with Identity Manager

Install and configure Access Governance with NetIQ's Identity Manager provisioning application.

NetIQ Access Manager - Deep Dive with the SAML Federation Protocol plus integration with Microsoft Office 365

In this session students will get an in-depth knowledge of the SAML protocol, and the various interfaces. This session will also demo integration with Microsoft Office 365. Using this knowledge, the student will perform a consulting project and establish a federation between NetIQ's Access Manager's SAML Identity Server and a well know SaaS provider, building appropriate metadata entries and configuring the SAML SSO settings on both the NAM and SaaS providers. Students will then finish up having to debug a SAML lab where users are unable to Federate between trusted providers.

SUSE Sessions

Introduction to the SUSE Cloud

This session is a high level introduction to the basic features and functionality of SUSE Cloud. The first part of the session covers the concept of Cloud Computing in general and then goes into an overview of the SUSE Cloud architecture. The second part demonstrates a default installation of SUSE Cloud - from bare metal to the final deployment of virtual machines by the user.


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