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From GroupWise and Exchange Coexistence to Complete Migration-A How-to Session Mergers and acquisitions often require you to integrate GroupWise® deployments and Exchange systems. Migrating from Exchange to GroupWise can present savings opportunities and increase end-user value. However, it isn't always possible. This session will demonstrate various ways to allow GroupWise and Exchange to coexist and some best practices for migration. Included will be some important considerations, including the amount of data, the number of mailboxes and the version of Exchange in your environment-these will dictate which method is best for you.

Windows XP to 7 or 8 Migration Although extended support for Windows XP ended months ago, thousands of people still use it because they're comfortable with it. Are you or your users some of those people that still need to migrate away from Windows XP? This session walks you through how you can use the ZENworks® Suite to solve the various challenges that can come up when you're migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Using Vibe to Easily Solve Collaboration Challenges Collaboration challenges commonly make IT want to revamp an aging company Intranet or other portal. Many consider SharePoint, but fear the complexity and staffing requirements. If you face similar challenges and fears, come to this session and learn first-hand how a credit union's two-person IT department used Vibe to do this without the complexities of other solutions. With no previous knowledge, training, or outside help, the IT team completely revamped the credit union's Intranet portal by moving it to Vibe.

Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization Design, Deployment and Best Practices Virtualizing applications can simplify many aspects of the IT department's life, from deployment to management. Plus, it's great for users because they can have the applications they need quickly, without a significant amount of setup time. This session will show you the finer details of Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization in terms of its design, deployment and best practices so you can not only get your virtualized environment up and running, but you can maintain it in the best way possible.

Making Novell Filr Work for You and Your Users Before Filr, many users tried finding their own ways to access enterprise data wherever they were. The results bordered on disastrous. Users unwittingly compromised security, but still needed to access their data wherever and whenever. Novell Filr is a feature-rich product that makes users more productive without compromising security. This session demonstrates features of Filr, how users can make the most of the application's capabilities and the various options administrators have to control users' access within Filr.

GroupWise Mobility Service: Troubleshooting and Best Practices Extending email to mobile devices is crucial for the modern organization. This session lets you dive into the details of the GroupWise Mobility Service (previously Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack) and gain the practical knowledge you need to keep mobile users happy and connected. Join us to learn about architecture, troubleshooting, monitoring, log files and how to tune your system for optimal performance. Included will be how to use the dsapp mobility administration tool for troubleshooting.

Self-Encrypting Drives: Perks and Pitfalls Hard drive manufacturers have rallied around a common standard for self-encrypting drives known as OPAL. There are many new drives supporting this standard appearing on the market, but what benefits do they offer for protecting your data and are there any pitfalls to avoid? This session will focus on giving you the facts of what you can expect from self-encrypting drives, and discuss whether they're right for your environment.

Novell Storage Manager 4.0: Tips from the Field Novell Storage Manager automates the deployment and day-to-day management of file system storage across your entire network, whether you're using Windows, Novell Open Enterprise Server or a combination of both. As a standalone solution or an add-on for any identity management solution, Novell Storage Manager is a must-have utility for any medium or large enterprise or educational institution. This session will demonstrate what's new and how to install, configure and optimize Novell Storage Manager using real-life scenarios from field consultants.

Connecting Your Mac, iOS and Android Devices to GroupWise Ghost Pattern Software develops the best iOS and Android GroupWise apps, and will show you how to best connect mobile and OSX devices to GroupWise. Come learn about the company's latest solution: a native GroupWise Mac client, and how to support OSX users connecting to your GroupWise server. The apps Ghost Pattern Software develops are easy to use, provide specific GroupWise features you use, and require no IT setup. Come hear about the new features available in the latest releases of the apps.

Novell ZENworks Mobile Management Design, Deployment and Best Practices Many customers have loved both the user freedom and the IT security and productivity that all go along with using ZENworks Mobile Management to manage Android and iOS devices. However, there are always questions as to exactly how something works, so in this session, we'll focus on the minutiae of how to best deploy and administer ZENworks Mobile Management. Whether you want to improve your administration or easily deploy the application, you're sure to learn much in this session.

Novell iPrint Architecture The roots of Novell iPrint go back 25 years to some of the first network printing software available to customers. Since then, the architecture has grown and changed much, and now includes mobile printing capabilities in addition to the desktop printing that everyone is accustomed to. This session looks at the architecture underlying Novell iPrint and also talks about where the architecture is heading in the future with some discussions on identity, cloud, multi-tenancy, scalability and serverless solutions like iPrint Direct.

Extending Vibe to the Max - The Mechanisms and Some Tools That Use Them Gain insights on how to extend Novell Vibe through extensions such as remoteApps, jsps, and CWA's while maintaining a secure environment. The Novell Partner, Code and Concept will share how you can do utilize these extensions with Novell GroupWise, Messenger, and other applications such as Data Synchroniser, ShareOnVibe, and SMSforVibe. Attendees should have a basic understanding of Vibe's potential for extensions and be technical enough to understand the concepts discussed in this session.

Mobile Management BYOD: What You Need to Know Letting users take advantage of the recent huge advances in mobility can be terrifying for IT professionals. But ZENworks Mobile Management in conjunction with BYOD policies can let you give users the mobility they need to do their jobs while maintaining the security and efficiency IT needs. Come to this session and learn to use built-in features to manage BYOD devices without taking complete control of the device. Also, learn to identify and manage non-compliant devices.

Novell File Reporter 2.5: Who Has What? Novell File Reporter provides an in-depth view of your file system, allowing you to quickly and easily determine who has access to what. Whether running Novell Open Enterprise Server or Windows, you can see where you're at risk and manage storage growth with a two-click approach to viewing data usage trends. In this session, you will learn what's new and how to install, configure and optimize Novell File Reporter using real-life scenarios, as well as troubleshooting and report generation tips.

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